About Vanessa Pettway

I've Been In Your Shoes

I’ve been in your shoes. It is a feeling that gnaws at your core, that tugs at every ounce of determination within you – the feeling of giving it your all, only to be met with a resounding "no." I know it well, for I too have experienced the sting of rejection, the bitter taste of missed opportunities.

Just a few years after starting my pharmaceutical career, I found myself on the precipice of what I believed to be my breakthrough – an opportunity for advancement in the pharmaceutical industry. With unwavering confidence, I delved into the application process, eager to showcase my skills and passion. Yet, despite my best efforts, the outcome was not what I had envisioned. I was left wondering what had gone wrong, what elusive factors had conspired against my aspirations.

That’s when I enlisted a coach and mentors and the rest is history. I now have over 22 years of experience in strategic business planning, management, executive coaching, entrepreneurship, and authorship, becoming a highly skilled outcomes-driven business executive. I’ve received numerous awards and recognition for my expertise in corporate operations, business analysis, and sales.

But here’s the best part – my passion lies in helping people just like you. I want to support you in overcoming obstacles, securing your dream job and manifest unstoppable success. Through my Christian-based coaching firm, Go Manifest, I provide guidance and support to young professionals, high-level executives, politicians, entrepreneurs, and diligent individuals who are struggling to achieve their dreams. And as the host of the Go Manifest Podcast, I share valuable insights and interview experts in various fields, so you know I’ve got the knowledge and authority to help you secure your dream job.

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