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I Get It! Been There, Done That...‚Äč

Vanessa Pettway, Certified Leadership Coach

Hey there, I totally get it. The frustration and disappointment of trying so hard and not quite reaching your dream job can be really disheartening. But let me tell you about someone who faced similar challenges and managed to overcome them – me. I was born and raised in rural Alabama’s poorest county, and boy, did I face some tough economic hardships. But my parents, who were a Pastor and a High School Science Teacher, instilled in me, faith in God, a strong work ethic and determination that pushed me to overcome barriers and excel academically.

Instead of giving in to the challenges, I defeated the odds, and earned degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Nuclear Medicine, and even an MBA. I now have over 22 years of experience in strategic business planning, management, executive coaching, entrepreneurship, and authorship, becoming a highly skilled outcomes-driven business executive. I’ve received numerous awards and recognition for my expertise in corporate operations, business analysis, and sales.

But here’s the best part – my passion lies in helping people just like you. I want to support you in overcoming obstacles, securing your dream job and manifest unstoppable success. Through my Christian-based coaching firm, Go Manifest, I provide guidance and support to young professionals, high-level executives, politicians, entrepreneurs, and diligent individuals who are struggling to achieve their dreams. And as the host of the Go Manifest Podcast, I share valuable insights and interview experts in various fields, so you know I’ve got the knowledge and authority to help you secure your dream job.

Signature Coaching Program

Introducing Go Manifest Career Clarity Coaching

I help young professionals secure their dream job so that they can unlock their full potential and embark on a fulfilling and successful career journey. Through Go Manifest Career Clarity Coaching, I provide personalized guidance and strategic insights to help my clients navigate the competitive job market with confidence. With a focus on identifying their unique strengths, passions, and career aspirations, my coaching empowers them to make informed decisions, ace interviews, and land the job opportunities that align perfectly with their goals.

After working with me, my clients experience a profound sense of clarity and direction in their career paths. They gain the self-assurance and skills needed to stand out from the crowd and make meaningful contributions to their chosen fields. The transformation doesn’t end with securing the dream job; my coaching instills a long-lasting sense of purpose and empowerment, propelling them towards greater success and satisfaction in their professional lives. Together, we manifest their career dreams into reality, setting the stage for a thriving and purpose-driven future.

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